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Breaches of Recognizance

Breaches of Recognizance / Court Orders

A recognizance (of bail) is a promise that an accused person makes in court, to abide by the conditions that made it possible for them to be released from custody. Those conditions always involve: attending court as required, staying out of trouble (keeping the peace), and may involve other conditions such as staying away from victims, locations, not communicating with certain individuals, etc. The accused person must prove they understand and promise to agree with those conditions to be released from custody.

If an individual is found to have breached one or more of the conditions imposed by the court, the police can lay additional charges for failing to comply with the required conditions.

These offences are treated seriously by the courts as they are violations of already existing court orders / conditions.

If you are looking for advice on any matter concerning a breach of recognizance / court order / failure to comply charge, please contact Sanja Mavrak at (416) 554-4974.

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