Mavrak Law - Breach of Contract Law Toronto
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Contract Law

Breach of Contract Law

In addition to drafting all types of contracts we also handle breach of contract law issues as well. At Mavrak Law, we handle all types of contract disputes. If you have entered into a Contract with another party whom you feel has breached the term(s) of that contract, you may need a lawyer.
breach of contract law

If one party to a contract fails to do or perform the duties required under that contract, or fails to make payment(s) pursuant to the contract agreement, the suffering party may be entitled to seek compensation / damages. If you are facing this type of issue you need a contract lawyer who can assist you. At Mavrak Law can review your case with you and offer legal advice on the merits of your case. In addition, we will explain how the court and legal process which you can expect to encounter if you pursue a claim. Ms. Mavrak is a contract lawyer and has assisted her clients with the interpretation and enforcements of contracts and has helped her clients pursue orders for monetary damages. We will also offer alternative equitable remedies that may be available to her clients. We are always willing to offer our services and legal expertise in reviewing any contract or agreement before you sign it.

We will work hard to resolve disputes between individuals and / or small businesses in a quick and cost-effective manner. At Mavrak Law, we will ensure that you get the best result, whether that involves settling your case or taking your case to a trial.

Contact Sanja Mavrak directly at at (416) 554-4974 to schedule a consultation to discuss your case and to move your matter along.

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