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Mavrak Law

Canada Transformed: 150 Years Later

Happy Canada Day! Canada, on its 150th birthday is a vastly different place. We have moved from the status of being under British rule, to being a completely independent and sovereign nation. While this evolution has, of course, also included major events in other areas (politics,...

Bail Hearings

What is a Bail Hearing? A Bail Hearing is arguably one of the most important first steps which occurs in a criminal proceeding. As such, it is crucial that you speak to a Bail Hearing Lawyer as soon as possible.   Firstly, its best to outline what a...

Peace Bond Lawyer Toronto

What is a Peace Bond

What is a Peace Bond? A peace bond is a court order, most often in the context of a criminal proceeding.  It is essentially an agreement "to keep the peace and be of good behaviour" for a certain length of time. The court may also impose certain...

Toronto Contract Lawyer

The Importance of a Contract Lawyer

Who needs a contract lawyer?  An experienced contract lawyer can help individuals as well as businesses. Getting advice from an expert before entering into any contractual agreement will help you to understand what you are signing (before you sign it), what your rights are, how you...

Domestic Assault Lawyer Toronto

Domestic Assault Lawyer Toronto

What is classified as a domestic relationship? A domestic relationship can include a wide range of relationships, including a relationship between a boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, and common-law partners (including same sex partners). It also encompasses relationships with children and any extended family members. Domestic...

Summary v. Indictable offences

Summary v. Indictable Offences

Types of offences: In Canada there are three types of offences: 1) Summary conviction offences; 2) Indictable offences, and 3) Hybrid offences. This article provides a brief summary of these offences. Please note that the information provided is very basic legal information and is not...

Sanja Mavrak Toronto Lawyer

A welcome blog!

Welcome to my blog! Please note that everything on and our blog is for the purposes of general legal information. It should not be used to replace legal advice from a qualified lawyer. A solicitor-client relationship is not created by simply viewing the content...

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